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adrenaline rush and action

Welcome in the land of adventures.

A ride on Italy's longest alpine roller coaster on Klausberg, rafting through rapids on the Aurino eye to eye with the splashing waves, getting a bird’s eye view of Valli di Tures e Aurina and even the Dolomites in the south while paragliding and hang gliding, or leisurely trotting through the snow-covered Valle Aurina on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride with a warm blanket on your knees and a gentle breeze in your face. Young or old, family or activity holiday, with fun factor or adrenaline kick, in the adventure land surrounding Molini di Tures there is something for everyone!

Travel through the forest and glide, like a bird, silently between the trees into the valley. The Fly-Line combines the elements of a zipline, a roller coaster and a summer toboggan run, but because of its moderate speed it has the effect of a panorama ride and is suitable for all ages. Just around the corner from the Mühlenerhof, starting from Winkl/Caminata, a 40-minute hike leads along the three impressive Cascate di Riva waterfalls to the starting point of the Fly-Line.


A ride on Italy's longest Alpine roller coaster in the Klausberg ski and hiking arena is fun not only for small action-hungry adventurers. With a length of 1800 metres, small jumps, 360-degree roundabouts and ski jump curves, the Klausberg Flitzer offers variety and excitement all the way to the finish on a family holiday. A lift takes you up the mountain, the excitement builds and then you’re off: down the mountain at high speed. Everyone determines their own speed. It’s very simple and safe: Push the lever forward: you accelerate. Pull the lever back: you break! The best part of it: The Klausberg-Flitzer is open in summer and in winter.


There's plenty of adrenaline and action as you abseil 50 metres, climb through gorges, jump over waterfalls and plunge off ledges into the cool water in a wetsuit! By the way, white-water adventures are the perfect bad-weather tip, because you get wet one way and another!


Climb into the rubber dinghy and head for the wild waters of the Aurino in Valli di Tures e Aurina. Splashing waves accompany you through rapids and magnificent views of the natural landscape along the banks from Campo Tures to Molini. Including pure adrenaline kicks when riding the 3‑metre‑high waterfall. By the way, white-water rides are the perfect bad-weather tip, because you get wet one way and another!


Climbing surrounded by the majestic Vedrette di Ries mountains above 3000 m. Valli di Tures e Aurina inspires not only with its scenery, but also with its climbing crags, such as Drittlsond climbing crag in Campo Tures. The 40 or so routes between 5a and 8c are climbed on shale rock. Please be aware that the Drittlsond climbing crag with its beautiful, long and yet not too difficult routes is located on private property. When you access the crag, you must stay on the path and not enter the meadow, keep the surroundings clean and take waste back with you.


The dream of flying is as old as humanity itself. Would you also like to soar over roofs, tree-tops and meadows, get to know Valli di Tures e Aurina and even the Dolomites in the south from a bird's eye view? No sporting skills or knowledge are necessary, all you need is good shoes, warm clothes and the ability to run along for about 15 metres at the start. Flying is possible all year round, two of the most popular take-off sites, the Speikboden and the sunny southern slope of Picco Palù in Acereto, are located a few kilometres from the Mühlenerhof. Experience an unforgettable flight with professional tandem pilots from Kronfly, Falken Club Ahrntal or Tandemflights Kronplatz.


Goosebumps, high-altitude exhilaration and adrenaline rush guaranteed! Strap yourself in and off you go - the new Klausberg Zipline is waiting for you. With the zipline, you cross the "Brugga-Klomme" in eagle flight and plunge uncompromisingly towards the alpine floor with rushing speed. Breathtaking and not for the faint‑hearted, something for the true adrenaline junkies among us and for those who still want to be.


Leisurely trotting horses, the rhythmic sound of horseshoes and a light breeze on your face: in summer by horse-drawn carriage and in winter by sleigh with a warm blanket on your knees through the snowy Valli di Tures e Aurina. Carriage driver and European speed champion Oswald Plankensteiner from the Obergruberhof farm in San Pietro, South Tyrol's greatest representative of the culture of the ancient art of carriage driving, offers romantic sleigh rides, picnic or panoramic carriage rides all year round.


Riding adventures from pony rides for the little ones, riding lessons for children and adults to extensive horse trekking tours are offered by the two large stables Herbert's Reitstall in Luttago and Walter's Horses Ranch in San Giacomo. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle... here in South Tyrol usually on the distinctive, medium-sized Haflinger horses with their typical blonde mane and their warm and gentle dark eyes.


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