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“It is the lives
we encounter...

…that make life worth living”, French author Guy de Maupassant wrote over 200 years ago. A smile from the heart, an attentive greeting, a good conversation. Christian Eppacher learned all about being a host and loving encounters with people on his many travels and from valuable experiences in tourism. In 2013 he followed in his father’s footsteps and has been managing the Hotel Mühlenerhof ever since with visionary commitment, innovative ideas and authentic warmth. The Mühlenerhof , a second-generation family business, is idyllically and centrally located in the small village centre of Molini di Tures, at the entrance to Valli di Tures e Aurina.

Two generations
and a hotel with history.

The tradition of hospitality of the Hotel Mühlenerhof is two generations old. The history of the building stretches far further back. Around the middle of the 18th century Martin Hofer had a bakery in the house of the Unterluckner family, which became an inn 1852. In 1922 the then owner sold the Unterluckner “Old Bakery”, purchased the burnt ruins of the house of the Haas family and rebuilt it

Over the following years the name of the new inn changed from Haaswirt to Hase and then to Mühlenerhof. In 1986 the Eppacher family purchased the Hotel Mühlenerhof and transformed it step by step from a village inn to a four-star hotel. As a homage to the origins of the building, the hotel’s own Pizzeria & Restaurant are again called Hase.

From an early age, the six children, a son and five daughters, helped at their parents’ hotel. In 2013 Christian Eppacher followed his father’s footsteps and began to run the Mühlenerhof in the second generation, with passion and vision, yet down to earth. Today, the history of the building and the tradition of the family combine casual innovation and alpine authenticity. A favourite location since 1852.

RestaurantRestaurant Hase