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When you truly feel
your whole body again.

Touch is good for body and soul. Massages loosen tense muscles, stimulate blood circulation and mobilise the lymphatic flow. In the new SPA rooms of the Mühlenerhof, we pamper body and soul with health-promoting body treatments and innovative beauty rituals. Knowledgeable hands and alpine, 100% natural cosmetics from Team Dr. Joseph from South Tyrol and Alpienne from the Ötztal valley ensure beneficial spa experiences during your wellness holiday.

High-quality care products from our Nature Hightech Products Team Dr. Joseph for your daily beauty & wellness ritual.

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Intensive cleansing facial treatment

The emphasis is on deep cleansing of the skin. Pores are gently unclogged and sebum production is normalised. The treatment is rounded off with a peel-off mask for optimal hydration. For a visibly fresh, deeply cleansed and even complexion.

50 ‘ 82€


Powerful care for men

Powerful, natural, effective: skin diagnosis, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, intensive mask with facial massage and a final individual day care. Natural high-tech power for a well-groomed look.

50‘ 82€


Lifting treatment with ultrasound

Facial treatment with ultrasound results in a rejuvenated and flawless appearance. With the help of the ultrasound frequencies this innovative procedure safely brings the natural active ingredients into the deeper skin layers. Deep down, the skin is strengthened to the max. The effect of the ultrasound frequencies is immediately visible with visibly smoother and firmer skin.

50‘ 88€


Deep-acting beauty treatment

A wonderfully natural treatment with active ingredients with immediate effect tailored to your skin needs, and a deeply relaxing pampering programme: skin diagnosis, eyebrow shaping, lymphatic stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, facial massage, intensive mask, rounded off with individual day care. For healthy and intensively cared for skin.

80‘ 112€


With natural peeling, repair treatment, hand massage and nail polish.

50‘ 54€



With natural peeling, repair treatment, foot massage and nail polish.

50‘ 58€

Eye Care

Eyebrow shaping , Eyebrow tint, Eyelash tint 

25´ 38€

Head and neck massage

Mindful touches release tension in the head, neck and shoulder area, activating the breathing points supports deep breathing. Clears the mind, enables pleasant relaxation and switching off from spiralling thoughts or stress.

50’ 72€


Intensive back

Massage with arnica sports balm, fascia cupping, hot roller and singing bowls. A wonderful combination for an energetic back with improved spinal dynamics.

50’ 72€


From head to toe

Classic full body massage tailored to your individual needs.

50‘ 68€

80‘ 98€


Foot zone massage with alkaline foot bath

The pressure point massage works on organs and on the entire body. Energy flow is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened - your sensation of your body becomes balanced. For new vitality and grounding.

50‘ 72€


Hot Stone

Energetic strokes, fragrant chakra oils and a massage with hot lava stones relax the entire body and balance the energy centres.

50’ 72€

80’ 102€


Sports massage

Looseness makes you strong! The combination of fascia-cupping and targeted massage activates and mobilises the muscles and releases even deep, stubborn tensions. Leg gel with alpine herbs and extracts of horse chestnut has an additional invigorating effect.

50’ 68€


Express back

Relaxing massage for a relaxed back and neck.

25’ 38€

Firming cellulite massage

An effective cellulite treatment that has a lasting effect on the texture of your skin and your connective tissue. Fascia-cupping in combination with special massage techniques and highly effective natural products visibly alleviate cellulite and have a decongestive effect on the body tissue.

50‘ 72€


Valle Aurina hay bath

Wrapped in warm, moist South Tyrolean alpine hay from the Valli di Tures e Aurina, you get hot as if in a sauna. The hay bath invigorates the circulation and strengthens the immune system, the lymphatic massage supports the detox effect of this whole-body treatment.

25‘ 38€
50‘ 68€ with back massage

Rebalancing body peeling with honey and Swiss pine

Mineral-rich rock salt removes dead skin cells, balances the pH value and provides effective deep cleansing. The special combination of Swiss stone pine, mountain bee honey, whey and honeycomb extract intensively cares for the skin, nourishes and protects it, moisturises and supports the natural skin balance.

25‘ 42€

50‘ 72€ with honey oil massage


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