Beauty farm

A wisdom as old as it is true: "Natural beauty comes from the inside". However, you have to newly discover it. Bring it out of your body.

In our beauty area approved products from VITALIS Dr. Joseph bring your true face to light, tuned individually to every type of skin and character.

Facial Treatments

Peelings, packs, body treatments
Gentle and clean skin, what could be more beautiful?

Vitality Bar

Crunchy fruit, agreeable teas with fine herbs and the vitalised water are available free of charge at the Vitality Bar. 


Depending on the precious substance used for the bath, the effect changes - calming, relaxing, vitalising, refreshing…just as you wish…

  • eucalyptus - mint
  • chestnut - rosemary
  • melissa - orange
  • hay bath