Summer active progam

Fill your days with adventure and discovery. Unforgettable trips on foot and by bike.
Happy memories are guaranteed!


Mountain Hut Hopping on the pastures of Speikboden

Esay hiking with a panoramic view going from hut to hut, trough mountain meadows coverd with alpin roses, accompanied by knowleadgeable hiking guides

What to bring: hiking clothes, weather protection, hiking poles, provisions

Meeting Point: 9 am, Valley Station Speikboden
Costs: 15 Euro- ascent & descent with Speikobden lift

Regain your Energy

Along the Predoi health trail -Guided walk!

Meeting Point: 9 am, Predoi


Guided easy herb walk

with interesting tips from an expert
To bring: your own car

Meeting Point: 3 pm, Luttach


MTB-Tour for families "Bike Castle Rope"

Take a mouintain bike, a medieval Castle and a bold rappelling manouvre...

stir them togheter et voila: perfect recipe für a fun adventure for the whole Family;

What to bring: MTB, helmet, sporty clothing, provisions

Meeting point: 10 am, MTB-Basecamp Cascade in Campo Tures


Nature Park Hikes

Day trips with guide: discovering flora and fauna

Meeting Point: 8 am / 8.30 am - will be announced



Hotel Adler Sankt Johann

Meeting Point: 4 pm.
Cost: 2,50 Euro


Strudelshow - how to make delicious Apple Strudel

Demostration and tasting
Cost: 5,00 Euro

Meeting Point: 4 pm - confectioner Christian - Sankt Johann


Smell of forest in the cheese

on the way with cheese refnier Michael Steiner - with tasting
Cost: 10,00 Euro

Meeting Point: 3.30 pm - Mühlwald cheese dairy Eggemoa

Active Mountain Program
Active Mountain ProgramActive Mountain Program


Herbs & flowers and their applications in the traditional medicine

Let Mario, hiking guide, explain you their effect on mind & body, we guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two!

Traditional medicine has a long history in Tyrol. Over the centuries the locals have discovered the rich potential of alpine flowers and herbs. We’ll look at some of the set-backs as well as successes in this voyage of discovery.

Each illness has a herbal remedy, just as every meal has its herb or spice derived from the same natural source. Mario will happily share his years of experience to enlighten you further!

What to bring: sturdy footwear, all-weather wear
Meeting point: 2.30 pm, Brugghof Kematen


Holistic Kneipp Experience

Health and wellbeing at Weißenbach or Sankt Jakob
What to bring: a towel

Meeting Point: 10 am Weißenbach or Sankt Jakob


MTB: Breathtaking Panorama at Speikboden

Mountain Bike Tour: rough biking tour, magnificent panoramic sites!
cableway ticket to pay

What to bring: MTB, helmet, Sportswear, Biking gloves, weather protection, water bottel
Meeting point: 10 am, Kreaktiv Base Camp, Sand in Taufers


Nordic Walking Taster Course

Training for your whole body and your health
Meeting point: 4 pm at Steinhaus
Cost: 2,00 Euro

Active Mountain Program
Active Mountain ProgramActive Mountain Program


Observe Wildlife!

Searching for the alpine fauna.

Meeting Point: 6.30 am - Touristic Office - Luttach


Forests meadows farms

To the mountain village “Fochina” (Ahornach) …through meadows and forests, and past ancient mountain farmsteads. Doris will accompany you on this hinking trail, with histroy & teles and fascinatings facts.

Requirement: Sure-footedness

What to bring: Hiking clothes, hikingt boots, weather-proof-clothing, provisions
Meeting Point: 10.00 am - Ahornach Church

Just Breathe!

Pleasant walk to the waterfall with Filomena!

What to bring: sporty clothing, a towel
Meeting point: 10 am - Cascade Sand in Taufers


An insight into organic farming and milk processing

with cheese and wine sampling
Cost: 5,00 Euro
Meeting point: 4 pm - Moserhof biological farm Steinhaus

Active Mountain Program
Active Mountain ProgramActive Mountain Program


Plesant walk:
Join Georg, a former forest ranger and hiking guide, to unlock the Valley of Water’s secrets. Enjoy the flowing waters: A timeless experience!

“The power of water” is the subject of four themed paths awaiting you in Mühlwald Valley: more than enough to quench the thirst of curious hikers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Starting in Innermühlwald we’ll make our way towards the mills from which the valley’s name is derived. Once there we’ll see (from safety) the havoc uncontrolled water can wreak, before following the valley path to reach the wild & romantic Lappacher gorge - a demanding but safe route which rewards you with some of nature’s great scenes, including waterfalls!

What to bring: sturdy shoes, all-weather wear, drinking bottle and a snack. Walking poles are optional

Characteristics: Level: easy-middle 500 m difference in altitude, 4 hrs
Meeting Point: 8.20 am, Bus Station, Sand in Taufers. From there we’ll travel by bus to Mühlwald (not incl.)


Farm Animals

Experience up close at the Prentahof farm - St. Peter
Cost: 5,00 Euro
Meeting Point: 2.45 pm, Prentahof St. Peter

Discovering the Village of Mills

Pleasant walking tour with information on the village and the mills

Meeting Point: 10 am - Mühlen in Taufers - Benjamin Platz


MTB - Tour in the Ahrntal Valley

What to bring: MTB, helmet, bike clothes, water bottle, weather protection

Meeting Point: 9.00 am - Kreaktiv Base Camp - Sand in Taufers


Klausberg by Night!

.. Evening atmosphere on Klausberg mountain!

7.30 pm to 11 pm - Klausberg


Target Shooting

Meeting Point: 8 pm - St. Johann

Bread baking

Meeting Point: 10 am - St. Johann
Price: 3,00 Euro


Alp-Hopping in the Speikboden Hiking Area

Pleasant alpine pasture tour from one alp to another - with guide

What to bring: trekking clothes, provisions, water bottle;
Duration: about 5 hours, 330 m rise, 770m descent

Costs: Mountain Railway - 10 Euro
Meeting Point: 9 am - Speikboden valley Station


E-Bike Tour in Ahrntal Valley

Moutain E-Bike pleasure tour!
Cost: 25,00 Euro for E-Bike

What to bring: helmet, sporty clothing, provisions, weather protection, waterbottle,
Meeting Point: 10 am - Kreaktiv Base Camp - Sand in Taufers